Bridal Beaded Veils

Bridal Beaded Veils

Bridal Beaded veils,Crystal Beaded Wedding Veils, Beaded Wedding Veils Ivory, Beaded Wedding Veil,Hand Embroidered Veils,Wedding Veil Beaded Trim,Bridal Beaded Veils,Beaded Bridal Veil trim are of Tulle, Net Fabrics and all kinds and all kinds of tulle.The beading of clear sequins, white 3 cut beads, and transparent 2 cut beads,Lohrosen, rosemonte, France cut Sequins done on different Tulle sizes starting from1 meter or 1 yard to a length of 5 yards or meters or 10 meters and above.Hand Embroidery is done all over with motifs or with the borders or the Trims.The Brides with the Bridal Gowns mostly use these Veils.

They are made as per the sizes of the client’s requirements.

MH-02 -Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-02 -Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-05-Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-05-Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-06,Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-06- Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-10,Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-10- Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-12,Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-12 – Bridal Beaded Veil

MH-25,Bridal Beaded Veil


MH-44,Bridal Beaded Veil



MH-391,Bridal Beaded Veil


MH-1022,Bridal Beaded Veil