To offer you some detailed information on what our company offers, we can send you catalogues of our wide range of Embroidered products mentioned above with photographs, measurements and prices, besides the ones displayed on our website. We can start a good business relationship wherein you either select one of our samples and decide to produce that sample in quantity or you could also mix and match few samples, thus creating a new design altogether just to see what we can provide to you.

There is no minimum for sampling. The turnaround time for delivery of samples will be 2-3 weeks after confirmation of the orders for sampling. If we do start to work together in the future, we would like your designers to provide us with the artwork/sketch and paper pattern showing the placements of embroidery. However, for production we would also need the sizes. Regarding the services we offer to the designers and fashion houses, we show our collections of our embroidered samples and also can give ideas as to how the embroidered can be implicated. For example:
(i) We can suggest the clients to use the embroidery parts of dresses like tops, skirts, necks or other parts of dresses as per the patterns designed by you.
(ii) Embroideries can also be used as forms of appliqués/motifs, trims, broaches, belts and as uppers of footwear.
(iii) We also do embroidery on semi-stitched garments wherein open the stitching of the garment from one side and frame it for embroidery.


1. The Design
Selected from our sample swatches sent to the client with photos and prices or a reference photo given by the client

2. The Ingredients
Fabric and raw materials are specified by the client on the purchase order along with the sizes

3. The Sample
Turnaround time of 2-3 weeks is taken to create a small sample swatch to show a preview of the final beaded garment.

4. The Patterns
Paper patterns are then prepared from the design by the artist or provided by the client to be sketched on butter paper with measurements for exact placement of embroidery on the actual size of the garment

5. The Finale – Hand Embroidery
Our expert craftsmen carefully sew hand embroidery on the sketched design on the fabric and raw materials with their desired quantity